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    I wanted to drop a line to thank this site in being instrumental in getting aid & attendance approved for a lady my wife and I are caregivers for. First I read and studied your site to see the requirements needed before I started. I gathered all documents that it stated I needed and I got the needed forms through this site. I submitted everything you asked for and more. I sent copies of utility bills, bank statements, property tax statement, insurance costs, and other items to show the need for the assistance. I also submitted a long letter explaining in detail the ongoing needs and the reasons financial assistance was greatly needed. I also contacted my congressman and senator and asked for help. I hope your political folks are as good as mine as they responded immediately and contacted the VA on the widows behalf. I submitted my claim at the end of October 2007 and the claim was approved Feb29, 2008. I read so many horror stories about the denials and appeals I was very worried about even getting the assistance. I applaud the VA on the results I achieved in this amount of time as I know they are swamped with many needed people. I wanted to share a sucess story so you may keep your hopes up. Make sure you have all the appropriate forms and documentation and read carefully the assistance offered here. I pray your results will be as mine.
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    Thank you for sharing this news with us, and we are so glad that you found the site helpful.

    This lady is indeed very fortunate to have someone as yourself who would take the time to do this for her. For most of us here, it is easy to forget those who do not have someone acting as an advocate. Not everyone has a son/daughter, or close family member who would step up.

    May you be blessed for this kindness in making sure that a veteran's loved one was well provided for.

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