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    Good afternoon,
    I'm new to the website/forum.

    My father is 87 years old, currently living alone, but he has mild dementia.

    I am currently paying someone to help out with heating up food during the week, and cleaning for him (I don't live nearby). The girl is very nice but can't help on weekends, and she is not registered or trained in any way. I pay her in cash.

    It is our wish for him to continue to live at home for as long as possible. BUT, we need additional help on weekends, and maybe more help at night, organizing his meds and making sure he takes them, etc. and it's getting hard to afford the extra help.

    I am confident that he would qualify for both VA A&A and Medicaid - but I don't know if he can or should apply for both. Or which would work out better for his needs.

    I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons of either program. Is anyone in a similar situation? If I sign up for Aid & Attendance can we keep the girl who is not registered? I think if we go with Medicaid we will need to find someone from the State, and that will be an adjustment for dad.

    Any thoughts or input will be appreciated! Thank you
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    Medicaid is a very very income based program. They (many states) have a clause for estate recovery, so be careful with that part. A&A as I understand it, is designed to provide supplemental income for caregiver. I am not yet approved, (lots of paperwork and delays). I previously had my dad on a program through the VA clinic. He saw the doctor there, and then I was able to talk to the social worker, who was able to refer me to local agency who provide home health. At no cost, however I have heard they now a a 15 dollar co-pay per day, no matter the length of the day.
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    Thank you for your input Madison J!

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