VA 21-686c Declaration of status of dependents

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    My parrents have qualified for A&A. The VA has determined that there needs to be a fiduciary appointed for both of them. In the Fiduciary appointment/interview the file officer mentioned that they both should fill out a 21-686c to receive additional benefits above the allowed A&A they qualified for. I could not find any rference to this form or issue on the forum. - although, I do admit I am some what computer challenged. Is this something I need to fill in addition to their approved A&A benefits? Thanks
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    We have not encountered this form before being suggested by the Field Agent.

    Having said that, if there is the potential of them receiving additional monies, it can't hurt to complete and see what comes of it.

    VA for 21-686c is a Declaration of Status, and here is a link to the form on the VA's website.

    We would certainly be interested in having you come back and update us on this process and what it results in for your Mom and Dad.

    Congratulations on getting through the application process itself.

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