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    I think I have proof that something is being "worked" as it relates to my dad's claim. So every since I applied I have been checking every day for a sign of an update and on Ebenefits it always just listed the estimated the completion date, submission date and status. Like, I took a screen shot of what it looked like last week to make sure I would be able to notice any slight changes. Well today in Ebenefits it shows that his representative is the American Legion. Attempting to be positive I'm taking this as a good sign...but what does this mean? Why would the American Legion be listed when we have made no contact with them?

    This is my last question for at least 3 days. ;D
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    Hello tanya0090,

    Hmm, that does seem strange that they would list the American Legion as his rep. We are not experts on the Ebenefits website here, so I cannot say. But if you do have questions about it, I highly suggest you call the VA to find out what this status might mean. If you find out, please feel free to share it here on the forums, as it might help others!
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    Thanks! I will call today and update shortly.
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    The American Legion should not be appointed as his Representative. This indicates that they would have helped to complete the application and assigned themselves as such.

    If you did not include VA form 21-0845 Approved 3rd Party listing you as that person, then you need to get one to the VA listing you or any other family member who is overseeing this process.

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