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    Hello, I've been off and on on this site for 4 years. Dad received A&A in VA nursing home and passed away in 2012. I applied for A&A for mom and I'm not quite sure what happened. She has lived with us since 2008. She has mild to moderate dementia which is advancing. I have started looking into Assisted Living and nursing homes. Her money is now gone..less than $1000. I know she would qualify for Medicaid but that doesn't cover assisted living. I've had many people inform me that she's in between Assisted Living and Nursing home. Would she be entitled to some sort of survivors benefits? She never received anything when dad died except for his VA life insurance from the VA. We're almost in a crisis mode since It's getting to the point where I can't take care of her at home. I am POA, MPOA, and she has advance directive. Should I reopen the case, reapply from scratch? Thank you for any input..

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