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  1. vandall

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    Need a little help understanding my Mom's monthly benefit award.

    $2,120.00 April 1 2016 Veteran's month of death benefit

    $797.00 May 1 2016 Survivors Pension Award with A&A begins

    $205.00 June 1 2016 Legislative Adj.

    $252.00 Feb. 1 2017 Legislative Adj.; medical expense adj

    $87.00 May 1 2017 Last expenses removed

    $132.00 Jun 1 2017 S.S. Retroactive benefits removed

    Mom received two deposits:

    1/17/17 $2,120 - We understand this one.

    1/17/17 $2,232 - We can't figure out this total?

    We pay a family member $700.00 a month for home-care.
  2. Kaylin

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    I am actually not sure why the two numbers are separated in her payments and where the $2,232 is coming from. Hopefully someone else can give some input if they have seen a similar situation with their own A&A award. At least your mother is getting the pension benefit - that is great!

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