Under the Liberalized Law (Going back to the preious year of a Claim)

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    I received all of the accrued payments. I had to apply within one year after I started receiving benefits.

    I applied under the Liberalized law for April 21, 2009 to April 21, 2010.

    All paperwork was due by a due date of April 23, 2013. I made the due date. I sent all appropriate documentation and sent certified and have copy that they did receive.

    I have not received anything back from VA regarding this claim. I called to check to see if it was in the system.
    Nothing was in the system for this new claim yet.

    Should I give more time for this type claim?

    Thank you for your help and service.
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    Yes, give it another 30 days and then follow up. As long as you have your proof of delivery prior to the due date, you are ok.

    Keep us posted.

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