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    Hi, All,
    Four weeks after submitting my dad's application for basic pension (not A&A), he got a letter requesting additional evidence, i.e., "evidence of the veteran's military service that is legible," with the statement that what we submitted "is unclear to read." Trouble is, the NAVPERS 553, the document preceding the DD 214, from the Nat'l Personnel Records Center of the Nat'l Archives, is the only evidence there is (excluding his honorable-discharge certificate, which I understand won't satisfy the service-record requirement). And, while somewhat blurry - it's a copy of a 1946 form, after all! - the dates of service and the word "honorable" certainly are clear enough to read... even for my 96-yr-old dad and his 65-yr-old daughter. SO, how in the world are we supposed to answer this request, other than to state that this is what we've got and here's what it shows (then list, by form box number, the relevant info)???? (Needless to say, the VA no longer considers this a fully developed claim, thus penalizing my dad because of a fact beyond his control, i.e., an official copy of a 70+-yr-old document is slightly blurry.)
    P.S. I just realized I accidentally posted this yesterday to the "Tips and Resources" section.
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    No worries, I answered your question on your other thread.

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