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    Submitted last October 2012. Response due by June 28... received on June 26 from Philly office...

    Online at the ebenefits portal it shows:

    Reopened Non Service Connected Pension (New), Aid and Attendance (New)

    In support of your claim for pension, we need (1) evidence showing that you have qualifying active duty service (at least 90 days of active duty, one of which was during a period of war), (2) evidence showing you have qualifying income and net worth, and (3) medical evidence showing that you are unable to work because of your disabilities.
    Date Requested: 06/26/2013
    Due Date: 07/26/2013

    1) In October 2012 with original app I sent his DD214 scan to them, a copy of his Discharge Certificate - showing he was in from 1956 thru May of 65...
    2) In October 2012 with original app I I sent them 90 days to 6 mo of bank statements, his Social Security award letter and his VA award letter. A whopping $717 a month.
    How do you demonstrate you have NOTHING, ZERO and ZILCH. The statements showed he had $12 in the bank.
    3) "Medical evidence showing he is unable to work..." He is over age 65. The VA Website says, "Age 65 or older, OR
    Totally and permanently disabled, OR..."

    They also want the medical evaluations - which I expected. I will get those direct from the VA Hospital in one and a half weeks, along with historical detail from Mount Sinai and Baylor Cancer Center.

    I expected this level of incompetence but it is still unbelieveable... Opinions...Do I go to Senator Schumer's office and raise hell? Send them the same things over and over?

    REALLY FRUSTRATED...on top of working on Dad's application for three Medicaid Assisted living facilities.

    ADVICE Please....
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    Sorry you are having to go down this road. Not everybody hits this many bumps.

    Yes to calling the Senator's office, but no on raising hell. What you want to do is have them do an inquiry on the status of this application. You will need to sign a release form giving them permission to do so.

    Given the mess this is, you want to get to the bottom of it now. Call the Senator's office tomorrow.

    Let us know how it goes.

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