Two Months to Get the A&A Pension Award Letter in Spring 2014

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    Our veteran is really blessed!! My wife's father just received his VA award letter for the full A&A Pension - the day after Memorial Day weekend 2014. The application was faxed at the end of March 2014, and he received the VA Award letter the first day after Memorial Day weekend in late May 2014. It took eight weeks from the time we submitted it. We could not have hoped for such a fast turnaround; and he was under heavy financial pressure as his money is running out. He really needed this financial help from the VA as he is using 3 different caregivers at home, where he intends to spend the rest of his life. The cover letter on the application made it clear that he is approaching 90 and needed a priority processing of his application. That may have helped speed his application along.

    Following the advice on Debbie's site was the key 'success factor' for our application. We read everything we could on this site in about 6 hours over 2 or 3 sessions, and printed key contributions on the site that would help us put together an appropriate application so that his actual situation would be clear and easy to understand for the VA. Specifically, we searched on and read most of the answers by VetAdmin (Debbie) and VSR. We also searched on NANAPAT, BONNIEMC, CARE4VETS, CAREGIVER, and SUSE. There are many others to read and study, but this is the main list we used for our application needs. We printed anything that pertained to our questions and challenges, and inserted them into our draft binder for reference, so we could reread them as we were filling out each form later on. We asked questions of VetAdmin and VSR when we could not find the answers elsewhere on the site. We wrestled with which forms to file and studied each and every form until we had our short list of forms to complete. We ultimately had the draft (and resources) in a binder with tabs, so that we could work with one tab at a time until we completed each form for the VA. It took us two weeks of reading the blog, analyzing and completing the VA Forms, getting his doctor's written and signed evaluation for the VA, and submitting it all via fax to the VA, with a cover letter. That may seem like a lot of work, but it is doable if one takes it a section and step at a time.

    In case it is of interest, we captured our questions and methodology that we used to put the application together, under the "General Aid & Attendance Discussion / General Discussion" section of this blog. You will find our thread there, during March 2014, plus our recent comment last night in June 2014. Our goal was to make it easy for the VA to follow the application - using the right VA forms, and providing accurate information about his situation. We could NEVER have done it without the support of this blog.

    While the application process is not an "easy" process, with the help of this website and its "Hero Contributors", it becomes very doable and even understandable. We certainly feel blessed in our family to have found this wonderful resource. Thank you to all of you wonderful Hero Contributors!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy to hear how well this all went for you, and that we could help with the process.

    It will help others that you outlined your approach, and they will benefit from that, so thank you!

    Wishing you and your family the best and the peace of mind knowing you have this resource to ensure proper care and services.

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