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    My mother is 90 and in assisted living. She wants me to look into veterans aid for her. I'm having some difficulty with getting information on her second husband who was a veteran, and I want to make sure she wouldn't be ineligible anyway. She was married to my dad for over 40 years when he died in 1985. He was a WWII vet. She remarried in 2002 to another WWII veteran who passed away in 2011. I have his discharge papers, their marriage certificate, and his death certificate. The problem is that at some point in his life after WWII he began using his middle name as his first name. His discharge papers have his birth first name and middle initial. The marriage certificate and death certificate have only his middle name as his first name and the marriage certificate says no middle name. His discharge papers list his service number, but no social security number. I think I would have trouble proving that these papers belong to the same person. Mom gets $1,224.50/month from social security and around $1,126/month from 2 annuities she owns. She has around $40,000 in savings and mutual funds. Her assisted living expenses are $3,192.50/month. Would she even qualify for assistance, and how do I proceed using her husbands papers? Since he also passed away, could I use my dad's instead. I have his discharge papers and death certificate. I would have to look into getting their marriage certificate. Thanks for any assistance.
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    You cannot use your Dad's papers. She would have to file on the 2nd husbands' service.

    You can include on VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim an explanation on the name and how later in life he elected to be called by his middle name.

    You would just provide the SS# on the application.

    She is negative on monthly income after paying the facility, but given her age, don't know how generous the VA will be with the $40K.

    You can apply, and if denied due to over income threshold, update later once she has spend down enough to qualify.

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