TriCare a VA Benefit...?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ST, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Is "TriCare for Life" a VA Benefit (to be reported on the application)?

    I cannot find anywhere in my Mom's financial activity where she is paying a premium for TriCare. Is it hidden and needs to be listed as an expense?

    Thank you very much for all the help!!!

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    'TriCare for Life' is not a VA Benefit. The following link will provide you with additional information about this benefit. I've not had any personal experience or knowledge of the program. Was your Father retired from the military or was he receiving any service-connected compensation ratings at the time of his death?

    If your Mother is covered under 'TriCare for Life' and if she has to pay a premium or deductable for the coverage, the cost/charge can be use to reduce her income for VA pension purpose.

    The Veteran Advocate
  3. Sandy

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    ChampVA is a VA medical benefit and falls under the VA budget.
    Tricare and Tricare for life is the medical benefit for retirees and spouses
    and for those who are widowed by service connection - including active
    duty deaths. Coverages are very similar. The Tricare program offers
    several options, from the old standard Champus type program to HMOs.
    There are enrollment fees for the HMOs, but not for the Standard. The
    standard has a deductible and then the patient pays a percentage.

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