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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by jhobart, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Here's a few things I learned so far:

    1) Packaged all the paperwork into a 3 ring binder (1" variety) using divider paper with color coded tabs to separate each section and added a cover letter slid under the clear plastic on the front cover of the binder (all as suggested by another poster on here). Had a reply in less than 2 weeks! looking for a little more info. FYI: Remember to write "none" or a zero in ALL places in the financial section where appropriate! (oops.....)

    2) The original reply went to Mom at the ALF, I assume as a precaution against bogus claims (even tho I had included he form to appoint me as handling her claim). If you're sending off for the first time, you may want to let Mom/Dad/relative (claimant) know to be on the watch for a package from the VA.

    3) Dad had been receiving disability from WWII wounds since 1946 so a VA file # existed. Even tho I enclosed the file # and the original mimeograph discharge papers Dad received in 1946 from Ft Dix, the VA wanted a certified copy. I used to question why they'd need that copy when he'd been receiving benefits for half a century. The next day I received a call from a gentleman at the St Paul processing center who scans the questions from iris regularly. He explained that when the VA got computerized, many existing records weren't input until something came up about them. Well this was Dad's "something" and the gentleman had already verified Dad's VA disability in another system, apologized for the inconvenience and told me not to worry about getting the certified copy. - worked well for me

    Best of luck to everyone, the paperwork can be daunting

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    regarding mailing addresses....

    be sure that you tell VA where the veteran/surviving spouse resides (address)

    if you are son/daughter/etc and want the mail coming to you that is ok, just make it very clear the mail is in c/o your name at your address. just be sure that you state on the application the actual address of the claimant.
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    I am jealous of your quick response! :D

    I submitted my dad's application at the first of March 2010 to the Milwaukee center that was listed on this forum for vets residing in Arkansas. I did the 3 ring binder, etc... super organized... but haven't heard a word back yet. Sent it certified and got that notification that it was signed for on March 4 but no word from the VA.

    How long do I wait before I take the next step of trying to track it down?

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    haha you might have talked to me :) I do Iris in St
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    I submitted mine in July of 2009.........................


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