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    I filed a claim for A&A for my mother whom is the widow of a vet. It took a year for them to return it to me with one error I had made. Completed
    and sent back after 9 more months and still no response and all I get when I call is that it is in process. I contacted an attorney who had handled
    another residents application that processed in 4 months. The attorney went thru my copy of the app, she added an update since my mothers health
    had changed ect... that was in Oct 2012 still nothing, I don't even get the your claim is in process letters any longer. I have heard each state is
    different in time processing and if it is for the spouse of the vet it takes longer is that true ??? What step should I take next or just keep waitng??
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    I am so sorry that you have allowed this much time to pass by without contacting her state's Senator.

    You need to call that office (Senator) in the morning and ask them to make an inquiry into the status of your Mom's applicaiton.

    Average time to award for a widow's application is 10 1/2 months.

    What state is your Mom in?
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    Thanks, we are in Georgia.
    I had heard about contacting the Senator office but haven't guess I will add it to my list.

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