Thinking of changing ALF what do we need to do?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 340duster, Dec 30, 2011.

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    We are thinking of changing the ALF of my wifes Great Uncle is in, he has lived in his current facility for almost 4 years now, but they have raised their rates each year and we now are beyond his pension,SS,and his A&A benefit in monthly costs.We have found another facility which is much cheaper, no where as glamorous, but his needs currently and in the future will be able to be met.What will we need to make the transfer seamless, and how do we account for the cost savings to maintain, his A&A max benefit?
    Thanks in advance
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    Once you get him moved you need to notify the VA by using form 21-4138 and sending a Statement of Occupancy from the new facility stating the services provided and the related costs.

    You will be better off trying to keep his costs the same as they are now, so the VA does not award him less based on the new financial situation unless of course he is already in the negative, and others are having to pitch in.

    If not don't be surprised if the VA adjust his pension award.

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