Think I need to have fiduciary status....Dad has Alzheimer'!

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    I am the live-in caregiver(daughter) of my Dad(WW2) & Mom. Dad has Alzheimer's and Mom can't be left alone due to vision problems, gait and balance issues. I provide a level of care that enables them to live at home instead of a AL or nursing home. I was informed that the A & A pension can be granted to veterans who receive homecare from a relative.

    Because of his Alzheimer's, I know there is going to be a hold-up with the application, as he will be declared mentally incompetent to manage his affairs. This means that I will have to be interviewed by a VA field rep?? to determine my qualifications for fiduciary status(I am not even sure how to use this term in a sentence). I also read that it can take a year or more for said interview. Dad & Mom are both in their 90's. Can anyone tell me how to expedite the process?

    Also, there is a VB-21-0966-ARE, which is a short form to get the application in the system. Can I fill this out and submit it, given the problem listed above? Can a power of attorney from our family lawyer be substituted for fiduciary status?

    Lastly, where do I send/email this form? Thanks in advance to all. Janice
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    The award can be granted and monthly pension being paid. It is the accrued monies during the month(s) pending approval that won't be released until someone is appointed as Fiduciary.

    Since all WWII vets have reached the 90+ mark, the VA can drag their feet on a request to expedite due to advanced age. It won't hurt to ask.

    We recommend that you use the forms listed on our site to make application. Yes you can complete the paperwork, but Dad needs to sign everything.

    The VA will not accept POA, but if the attorney wants to be appointed as an individual, that would be best. You cannot address this issue until you are through the process. You do not deal with this on the front end of things.
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    Forgot to tell you to look under the Tips and Resources here on the forums for a list of mailing addresses that are broken down accordingly to states.

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