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    Hi, I'm just popping in for the first time, and just want to share a quick story. I haven't read any posts here yet, but having gone through hell and back (in 2006) to convince the VA that they did have an Aid and Attendance program, I think I know some of what you've been through or are going through. After many months of phone calls and heated discussions, my sister and I finally got the benefits my dad was entitled to. My heart goes out to anyone, especially the elderly who already have so much on their plates, who have to work so hard for their benefits.

    Well, a year later, we are looking into having my dad's prescriptions provided free of charge. We had been told by one VA worker that that was the case (back in January) but after encountering roadblocks, and then just getting busy, my sister and I dropped the issue and I began paying the Medicare copay for Dad's meds.

    Bills are now piling up, and I'm motivated to deal with the VA once again. For the past week and a half I've been on the phone with many VA workers who have said that meds would be provided for a copayment, but not free. I was adamant with one worker, she got mad at me and passed me off to her supervisor. That lady said that she was SURE there was a copayment because her father is on A and A and HE has a co-payment. Finally, I found a lady just today who said that meds are FREE! Yea!!! So I called back the supervisor, gave her the name and extension of the worker IN HER BUILDING who said that meds are free, and told her to tell her dad to quit making those co-payments.

    I can't imagine a VA supervisor not even knowing what benefits her own father is entitled to, but I've become so used to the VA's incompetence, that nothing they do shocks me anymore. One worker even called the confusion/misinformation "the VA way."

    I will let y'all know if those free meds pan out, but I am hopeful.

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    So sorry about what you and your sister had to go through! Your father is lucky to have children who took the time to get his benefit. But, I will say, you've got moxy and it's great! You go, girl!!

    There are so many stories out there like yours, and it is heartbreaking. That's the reason this web site was started, to turn something negative into a positive for others.

    Thanks for signing in and sharing your story!

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