The award letter arrived!!! One small question...

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    First of all, Debbie, this wouldn't have happened without you and this website!!! I mean that and I thank you for your very important work!

    I submitted the full application in June 2013. I also submitted the pre-app in March 2013. (On behalf of 93-year-old widow of WWII veteran in ALF who has severe dementia and is wheel-chair bound.)

    The VA determined that she is incompetent and I understand what I need to do (submit 21-4138 not disputing the finding & asking for me to be named as fiduciary). As I understand the poorly written correspondence, this needs to be done to receive the pension payments prior to the award date of October 1, 2013.

    If I understand the process correctly, she is due back pension payments from April thru Sept of 2013 and those won't be paid until we go through the fiduciary process.

    HERE IS MY QUESTION: Page one of the award letter indicates the effective date of the back payments is July 1, 2013. However, at the end of the letter under "Reasons for Decision" it states that they did receive the pre app in March and that that establishes the effective date (shouldn't it be April 1?).

    What should I do about this 3-mo discrepancy? Write a letter but not appeal the decision? Just try to get the effective date changed?

    Again, my thanks. This will definitely extend the excellent care my Mom is currently receiving. My Dad would be so pleased...

    My best. Mary
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    What great news! Yes she is owe all the previous months including to the month of the informal claim date.

    I would suggest just getting through the fiduciary process and then go back for the three months. You can address the 3 months with the field agent at the interview.

    Important thing is that the monthly pension will kick in and you will have that extra money to help pay for her care.

    I am glad that the site, and forum members were helpful in getting your through this challenging process, and that your Dad would be pleased.

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