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    Thanks in advance for you assistance! My Dad is 91 and fairly healthy at this time. He has never applied for benefits.

    My mother has Alzheimers and was recently released from rehab after a fall. The physician says she needs 24 hour assistance and we would like to keep her at home with Dad for as long as possible. The monthly cost for even 4-5 hours of care 5 times per week will be more than their only income, which is $1800 after deductions from their combined SS checks. They have less than 10K in the bank. I have taken a leave of absence from my job and flown to NJ from CA to provide care for my mother and help my father for the last 30 days. My dad will pay me for my time until we have professional care in place.

    My question is which specific forms need to be filed for these circumstances? It seems that the physican's statement in the materials on this website refer to the Claimant (the Vet), but is there a different physician's statement for the ill non-vet spouse? Also, how much expense and for how long do we have to incur expenses before we can file for Aid and Asst for Veteran with an Ill Spouse? What do we need to show as documentation for these expenses?

    I would be very grateful if someone could send me the specific list of forms that need to be filed in this particular circumstance in addition to the answers to the above questions. In the meantime, I will file an Intent to File if that makes the most sense until all the other paperwork is complete or more expenses are incurred.
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    Hello there! Welcome to the forums. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's fall and your parent's situation. But hopefully we can help.

    Yes, you need the Physician's statement form. Everything in this application ties back to the veteran which is why you will see questions on the form for the veteran's information. But the Physician's statement will refer to the spouse's current physical and mental ailments. The doctor fills it out.

    You just have to have at least one month's worth of expenses for care that show the need for A&A benefit. As long as you have proof that there are ongoing care expenses then you can apply for the benefit. Bank statements can help support the claim of how much they are paying monthly for care expenses. I would include copies of those. If the home care agency has a contract or statement of work written up that shows how much they charge then that would also be helpful to include as evidence with your application.

    I would not forget about the 21-0845 form, Authorization to Disclose Personal Info to Third Party. This form is important if you are a third party helping them with the application - which you are.

    On our How to Apply page you will find the list of documents suggested to include in the application as well as links to the forms:

    Yes! Do file an Intent to File to get that date established for when retroactive payments will be due. Also, mail the application return receipt and make sure to keep a copy of the complete application for yourself for your own records.

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