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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SCD, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. SCD

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    Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your forum.....without it my father would now be out of money and unable to pay for his assisted living care.
    After the initial run around with The VA, started the online search for info and found this forum. Reading past posts, and asking questions got me thru the process. By informing me of the pitfalls and problems I would (and did) face I was able to keep on track and provide what was needed.....and to challenge what they would say with informed information. With the initial request.... I included a cover letter, summary, list of documents included, forms included, and all supporting information so that they could easily see what I had provided, and check on the details. Kept copies of everything, logs of who I spoke to, and continued to call....did end up contacting his congressman which proved to be extremely helpful in "expediting" the process. Just got his back pay (ok its 1 month short).....will get on that, and his first monthly benefit! YEAH!!!!
    Thank you for saving his quality of life...from me and all the others you have helped.................
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    INCREDIBLE news!!! It is an honor to be part of something that has made a difference for so many of you. There are times out of frustration that I don't feel that enough is being done, and then this month alone, so many postings and emails with updates of positive outcomes. It has been 3 years dedicated to doing this and stories like yours inspire me to keep pushing this issue to the forefront knowing it really does make a difference.

    Thank for sharing this with all of us, and hopefully now you and your family can draw a sense of relief and accomplishment. Give your dad an extra hug from this daughter of a WWII veteran who looked up and saw her dad as a hero.

    God Bless all of you.
  3. nananorma

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    Congratulations to you! This has been a good month - for you and me. It did finally work, didn't it? I got the regular check yesterday (9/30) which said "VA PENS FOR SEPT", so be aware that you will actually get the checks at the end of the month - it was actually dated 10/1. I think we were on the same time line in our filing process. I filed 3/21/08. Hopefully, next month it will be direct deposited and it will all be transparent each month and we can breath a sigh of relief.
  4. SCD

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    Nananorma, congrats to you too! Perseverance (ok nagging) glad you got yours as well. Did noticed the date on the check..... Could not have come at a better time, he is completely out of assets and we've been paying some of his expenses. Not quite sure what we will do as his needs increase....he is already at his limit (1030 income, 1500 VA) and his care is 2500. But at least we do have some of his assets back to use when the time comes.
    thank goodness for this forum!

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