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    Hello, My Mother (97) received a letter dated 12/17/18 that arrived around Christmas. Yeah the letter said she received a raise as of 12/01/2018 payable in her January deposit. Now she received a letter fr0m VA dated 12/01/18 of the increase about 12/28/18 stating again the raise will in Jan Benefit payment. But the letter also stated the her Income level and continuing Medical expenses accepted in the 2016 original application resulting her countable income. Then it states you are responsible to tell us right away, if 1) your Net worth or address changes; 2) you gain or lose a dependent; or 3) you return to Active Duty. Included was page 3 stating that VA Benefits are expected to match various Federal or State agencies records. None of the areas mentioned above changed but her net worth has gone down. She did receive a Cola for her Survivor RRetirement Pension and her continuing Medical expenses increased. Help me. What I should do about these letters? AFK324.

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    Hi @afk324:

    Yes, VA Form 21-0187 dated APR 2011 - COMPUTER MATCHING NOTICE - This isn't unusual. No need to worry. The VA checks with several agencies, albeit state or federal to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

    You may, if you wish, submit VA Form 21P-8416 (Medical Expense Report - outlining your mother's decrease in net worth (whatever it may be), as well as the increase in medical expenses. Explain why in VA Form 21-4138 (

    Mail it to the Pension Management Center (PMC) in your area. This can be found here:

    I'm not entirely sure about your current situation, but if the continuing medical expense seems correct, then no action is required on you or the claimant's part.
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    There is no need to update the Va on declining Net worth. If net worth increased, income increased, medical expenses decreased, claimant moved or sold a house, then you need to update them - other than that, do not contact them. When you contact them, they open the file and review to see if they have made any mistakes, so my advise is notify them when you are supposed to and otherwise, leave them alone :)

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