survivors dependents over 50 age now are they qualified to received due his parents both death .

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  1. hello to staff all I am back this forums veterans org. I misse ypur all
    I am also asking regarding va benefits and social security benefits what are the different this two benefit? va /ss?
    are veterans or survivors dependents son more that 50 year are entitled and qualified to received this benefits two va/ssa on the same monthly? what is the limit of survivors dependents son? and what is clear
    age limit benefits to received va/ssa especially to the veterans and spouses both deceased both no to received during their lifetime? services connected and none services due to none equity at that time? another one question how true without ssn no benefit for va no benefits for ssa? according to mr nino sandel this one representative of ssa Manila?

    Please Advise
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    Hello there,

    Social security benefits are given by the Social Security Administration while VA benefits are given by the Veterans Administration. Both are government entities. The benefits themselves are very different - in order to be entitled to VA benefits you have to either be a veteran, spouse of a veteran, or dependent of a veteran typically. Social security benefits are available to all U.S. citizens for the most part.

    Yes, typically someone can receive both social security benefits and VA benefits - like for the Aid and Attendance benefit the applicant can receive both SS and the A&A benefit.

    The A&A benefit is not service-connected. Disability compensation is the name of the benefit that is service-connected.

    If one does not have a social security number then they probably cannot receive social security benefits.

    I hope that helps.

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