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  1. JWalker

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    Is a surviving spouse of a POW entitiled to additional benefits?
  2. Max

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    No. However, POW's commonly have service-connected disabilities that can result in a grant of DIC instead of pension.
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    Hello, My Dad is an ex-POW from WWII and belongs to the Virginia Ex-POW organization. Through this organization, my parents came across a certified service officer who's job is to help the ex-POW s and their spouses with their benefits in the event of death. There is a booklet that you fill out ( you may need help with it) called "What Every POW's Wife should know before she's your widow." This booklet is over a 100 pages long and it will help you understand what your rights and benefits and privileges are as a surviving spouse. This booklet was prepared by the American Ex-Prisoners of War National Medical Research Committee. - Packet 5. I think it was last updated in the Summer of 2001.

    I am in the process of reading through this booklet now so that I will be familiar with what to do when my Mom needs help. In Virginia, there are only three Certified Service Officers in VA who specialize in EX-POWs. They are very important people as they know what you are entitled to because your spouse was a POW.

    I was told that you can find certified service officers in the phone book under the government listings in your area. Remember, there are only a few certified officers who are specialists in ex-POW s rights and benefits. This may not be listed in the phone book, you will have to find an officer and ask them or call your local Ex-POW organization and ask them who their officer is. This information is very important when death occurs. Hope this helps.
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    Hello again. I forgot to mention this, Yes, according to the Ex-POW handbook and the certified service officer, a spouse is entitled to benefits, but your circumstance will dictate what that benefit will be. Right now, my Mom may be eligible for DIC benefits that are tax-free when that time comes. I am speaking from my experience. Help this helps. Being a POW, does give you and your spouse some advantages. Flutemom

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