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    Hello everyone

    I suppose this is not the appropriate place to post personal feelings but for lack of any other forum I feel compelled to do so. . . My mom has been living with me for over a year now with the exception of her being in Assisted Living for 2 weeks. She needs constant care and I have been taking care of her without the benefit of help from my siblings (which is the norm rather than the exception). I want to take care of her but the financial expense and emotional toll it has taken on me and my family is at the breaking point. I applied for A&A a few months ago and know that it will be quite some time before any action is taken and I have resigned myself to that fact. On top of that, I will have to file an amendment because she is living with me and our application is now for at-home care. I am angry that it takes so long to get thru all the red tape. I know many of you are also in my situation, if not worse. Sometimes I feel like a balloon filled so full of air that I am about to burst. It is not my mother's fault that she doesn't have enough money to afford assisted living and it is not my fault that I do not have the extra money to pay for it. I don't even know what I'm saying here - just feeling overwhelmed, alone and very very sad.
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    Please know that you and your family are in the thoughts and prayers of many people. I have been where you are now, as has the wonderful woman who started this web site and forum; it is a tough, and sometimes what seems like a very lonely road. It sounds trite to say "hang in there," but that's what it takes. Also, remember that you can and should write your state senator and representative, as well as those who work in Washington. They are there to represent you! Don't be afraid to send letters to them; they have a staff that handles those types of things. I found that it helped me emotionally to send letters to all of them, including the director of the VA in Washington, D.C. Give it a try! I hope this helps you a little.

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