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    Thank you to all who run and contribute to this site! I submitted an intent to file for my dad (single veteran who is 70) on 2/20/17, then got the completed application in, received on 3/31/17. I submitted everything in a 3-pronged folder with a cover letter explaining all that was included:

    • Form 21P-527 EZ Application for Compensation and Accrued Benefits
    • Form 21-0845 Authoriem for him zation to Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party (so that I could contact them for him)
    • Form 21-2680 Physician Statement
    • Care Expense Statement (a form given to me by the rep at my local VA office to be completed by the assisted living facility)
    • DD-214 Form
    • Social Security Benefit letter
    • Bank Statements
    • Copy of small pension my dad receives
    • Invoice from the assisted living facility
    • Copy of cashier's check receipt paid to ALF for initial costs already incurred
    I received the standard form letters along the way, and I checked on the Ebenefits website regularly. Last week, I saw on the website that notification had been sent. They wouldn't tell me anything when I called, then I saw on this website that sometimes people can access their benefit letter on the Ebenefits site under the "Letter Generator" where I was able to print the letter saying he had been awarded the $1794/month. I still haven't received the official package in the mail, but today I was able to see that my dad's retroactive monies were deposited today! I was able to pay back the loan I had helped him get in the meantime to pay for a portion of his care. Total time from application submitted to money received was 3.5 months. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your guidance!
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    Wooo! We love success stories like this! Thank you for sharing your tips and advice with others, @busymom . It is much appreciated.

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