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    Just to let everyone know that it does happen! Be patient and assured that your hard work will eventually pay off. A brief time line: Filed ALL papers by mail on March 21, 2008. Received confirmation back within 10 days that my mother was approved for aid and attendance. Lots and lots of form letters through the weeks stating they were working on it. The only additional form I had to file was to be named her fiduciary since she has Alzheimer's, among other medical issues, which is the reason she is in assisted living (I filed for A&A the week she was admitted). FINALLY had meeting with a field rep the first week of August to be named her fiduciary (he travelled to Dallas from Waco for this meeting at her facility) and he told me 4-6 weeks before I'd receive a check but there would be no problem with me being named her fiduciary. However, the amount he said she was approved for was about half of the full award, even though her income is less than $900 per month and her assisted living is about $2500 per month, plus prescriptions, medicare and drug coverage premiums. He said he would have it reviewed, which I thought would slow down the process again. Received an award letter dated August 28, 2008 stating she was approved for the full amount of $998, beginning April 1, 2008 and would receive a check within 15 days. Yesterday, received a check for $4990 - no explanation or letter other than "VA PENS" printed on the check. This would be 5 months of retro pay, so I'm assuming the next check will be October 1 and hopefully will be direct deposited into her account. I was told by the field rep that each December I'll receive a form to fill out for reimbursement (don't know how much) of my mileage for her Dr. appointments, OTC drugs, co-pays for drugs and Dr. visits (for 2008 - I'm guessing this is since she was admitted to Assisted Living) and I will have to return it and receipts with amounts highlighted and will receive a yearly supplemental check.

    After much praying and worrying, I'm here to say - it will happen! I was told 6 months and it was almost exactly 6 months. Thanks so much for this forum and the encouragement I got each step along the way. I probably would have given up long ago if I hadn't known others were travelling the same road and there was a "light at the end of the tunnel". Thank you, thank you, VetAdmin, for your encouraging words throughout this process!!!

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