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    My father-in-law is an 83 yr old WWII vet diagnosed with ALZ. He has been living in Assisted Living since Feb, 2009 and prior to that we had a home caregiver 3 days a week and I handled it the rest of the time. However, we moved him to Assisted Living on the Dr.'s advice since Dad started to become stubborn and wandered.

    We started the A&A formal application in November 2009, after spending about 3 months gathering all the information. In January, 2010 received a letter acknowledging receipt of the application and requesting more information/forms. We complied immediately. February, 2010 another letter requesting more forms/info. We complied. March, 2010 received a letter which determined that Dad had been declared incompetent and eligible for benefits. We celebrated and awaited more communcation as to what, when, how much, etc. received nothing so called in May 2010. Told it was under review and we should hear within 6 weeks. July, 2010 follow-up call and said Dad's file had been placed aside and not touched for 6 weeks. Representative acknowledged that everything seemed in order and said she would place a rush on the review. We should hear in month. Sept, 2010 called and was told that they needed a "Statement of Claim" from my husband as to why he should be appointed fidicuary. We could fax which we did the next day.

    Last week, called to follow-up again and were told that the claim had been closed the day after he spoke to the rep in Sept. My husband was no longer acknowledged to receive any information on the claim as claimant rep. since it was closed so they were unable to discusss why? what? when? etc. Stated we could complete another form authorizing release of information to him signed by Dad. I went on line and got the form. Typed up a cover letter and my husband was going to run to see his Dad (50 miles away) get his signature and mail registered mail that afternoon. Luckily, we received Dad's bank statement in mail before my husband took off and it showed a deposit from VA dated 10/1. My husband has handled all Dad's finances since 9/2008 after we found his untilities were going to be shut off and bills sent to collection due to non-payment. We found stacks of unopened mail hidden in his house.

    My question is how do we find out about the retroactive monies? No contact has been made by VA for an interview. My husband has full POA for all Dad's financial and health (done before his diagnosis of ALs) Who do we call? What is the next step? Why does VA not acknowledge a POA?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance/information you can provide.
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    Many post about poa.
    Just submit the requested info for the retro. Have dad signatured witnessed (look atexample on form21-526 signature page)
    don't let "who signs" stop you from getting retro.
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    In early Feb, 2011. We received a letter that a representative of VA would be in contact with us within 2 weeks to arrange a meeting to determine fiduciary arrangements. It had a list of items we needed to provide the VA representative during this meeting which would be with Dad. We patiently waited for contact with all the required information.

    Well to make a long story short. The VA rep called last week to say he would be in town the next day to meet with Dad and my husband. My husband happened to be in Montana on business and stated he would not be available. VA rep said no problem he would visit Dad and call after the visit. Well he visited Dad at the home and met with some staff members and called to say he would be leaving paperwork for completion and return. Stated that there is not a problem and just need the paperwork so they could send the monies withheld during the application process and make sure the records show my husband has been officially appointed as fiduciary. Mailed those in yesterday!!!

    Yippee!!!! It is done for now. Receiving monthly benefits and will soon have the withheld funds. We will not be required to report use of funds since the benefit is lots less than his monthly expense at the home but it sure helps cover his monthly expenses and stretch his other limited resources for his care. Thank you for all your assistance. It has been a long year and 1/2 but well worth the effort and frustrations. These monies will ensure we can continue his loving care at the home.
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    So glad to hear that things have indeed worked out, and thank you so much for coming back to the forums to share this update with us.

    It sounds like you were fortunate enough to have a Field Agent who was willing to work with you and the circumstance.

    Glad you made it to the Finish Line and were successful, and that we could be a part of that.

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    Update on Retroactive funds. Called VA to ask when the funds would be received and was told that their records show that disbursement has been approved and they have up to 120 days to disburse. Currently disbursement is taking the full 120 days. What else would you expect from VA. Approximately 2 weeks prior to disbursement a letter will be sent informing us the date to expect the direct deposit. Thought all of you would want to know about this additional delay.
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    Well, the good news is that, it is in the process and on the way!

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