Success in obtaining Entitlement to Survivors Pension and Aid and Attendance for Mom

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    Hi, All,

    After 2 years of applying, waiting, sending in more forms, etc., we finally heard on 12/29/16 that Mom was approved to receive "entitlement to survivors pension with entitlement to aid and attendance" and that she was still considered competent. We learned a lot from gmasjo's post and we can't thank Kaylin and gmasjo enough for your help!

    Here's a brief summary of our journey so that we can share "lessons learned" with you.

    On 10/27/14, Mom started needing home care assistance in the home. We couldn't find much information on what made her qualified or not, (we hadn't found this site yet), and the Veteran's Service Organization in her county (Washington County, Wisconsin) told us to go ahead and apply, so we submitted:
    1. 21-534 EZ Application for DIC, Death Pension, and/or Accrued Benefits
    2. 21-2680 Examination for Housebound Status or Permanent Need for Regular Aid and Attendance
    3. 21-0845 Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party (to allow our local VSO officer to see our application progress on the VA site
    4. 21-22 Appointment of Veterans Service Organization as Claimant's Representative

    On 12/30/14, we got the form letter saying "we are still processing your application for Pension."
    On 01/07/15, we got a letter explaining that her income "exceeds the maximum annual pension limit." They also indicated that, when her assets fall below $80,000 not counting her house, car, furniture and personal clothing, that we should reapply, and when we did reapply, we needed to submit an Attendant Affidavit and Form 21-8049 Request for Details of Expenses. We met with the VSO representative and he explained that the first VSO representative had retired and he was now taking on Mom's case. This new guy is a former vet, and was young and smart. He helped us understand how and when to resubmit our application.

    On 4/18/15, Mom needed to be moved into assisted living. We sold her car and condo. The sale of those items added to her asset value (we invested it), so it took until 07/24/16, with us paying out ~$3,600/month for assisted living until her assets fell below $80,000.

    On 07/24/16, once her assets were more depleted, we reapplied giving them the information that they requested on 01/07/15, filling out:
    1. 21-534EZ (again-because now the net worth, gross monthly income, expected income, and medical, burial of my Dad, and other unreimbursed expenses had changed from the original application)
    2. Dad's death certificate
    3. Receipt for Dad's burial expenses
    4. 21-2680 Examination for Housebound Status or Permanent Need for Regular Aid and Attendance (needed an updated one since the first one was over a year old)
    5. Mom and Dad's marriage certificate, certified by the county in which they had been married. Her copy was not a certified copy so I had to go to Waukesha County to get a certified copy.

    I'll put the rest of the story in Part II.
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    This is awesome! I am glad you are putting this story up. It will be helpful for others - and that is the point of this forum so that we can give back to those who need assistance getting through the process of applying for A&A.

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