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  1. I know that so many here struggle with the aid and attendance application process for many months, but I have to share what appears to be an amazing success. Last year we knew my father in law would eventually need to be checked into an assisted living home and I began to examine the options available to him because he had very limited amounts of money. I heard about the aid and attendance benefit, but there was little good information that I could find about it until I found this website. The website here and of course the forum were a great resource and I learned a lot. I wish to thank Debbie and the others who contribute so very much.

    My father in law checked into the home at the end of July, and in August I made an initial, informal claim on his behalf, because I knew it would be a while before I could get all the paperwork put together for him and I wanted to start the benefits clock (as I learned here). I was delayed during the holidays, but eventually I had everything together and mailed it off in early February. The complete application packet based on what I had learned here on this website was received at the St. Paul processing center on Feb, 6th. Shortly afterward we got our return receipt, and about a week later we got a short letter from the VA saying they had received the application and were evaluating it. I thought this is all normal and proceeding along normal time lines which is fine.

    So today (Feb. 28th) we got a letter stating that my father in law had been approved and entitled to the aid and attendance benefit, and that they were proposing a finding of incompetence (he has dementia and my wife is his legal guardian). On Monday we will mail off a statement in support of claim stating that we have no objection to the finding of incompetence and wish to proceed with the appointment of a fiduciary - we are requesting my wife who is already handling all his financial matters.

    The application was mailed Feb. 3 and approval received back on Feb. 28th. Application and approval in less than a month! All I can say is that if you research the forum and the rest of Debbie's website, you will find what you need to know to move through the aid and attendance process without too many problems.

    I am sure the fiduciary process and back payment will take a while, but the hard part, the approval that he is entitled to the benefit is done!
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    Big congrats! And thank you for taking the time to tell us - it is very encouraging news.
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    I think your process may be a new record, and wish that all applications were handled in the same manner.

    I am so glad that we were helpful to you in the process and wish you the best with getting through the Fiduciary part.
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    Yukon Cornelius,
    First off, congratulations! After reading about the difficulties others have encountered, your story is very encouraging!

    Secondly, would you explain how to make an informal claim to get the clock started? I'm in the process of collecting documents for my mom and would like to get the process started as soon as possible.
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    If you go to the website and look under the FAQ section, you will find the necessary form and verbiage to do the "informal" claim.
  7. Debbie is pointing you in the right direction for the detailed information you will need, but to summarize, it basically it involves filing a statement in support of claim form saying you will be applying for the Aid and Attendance pension benefit.
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    Thank you both.

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