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    Dad received 2 packets from the VA today---exactly 6 weeks from the day the VA received his claim papers. The letter states his claim was processed under the Fully Developed Claims Program. I think he's qualified for the full amount of pension and A & A benefits. One month will be withheld pending fiduciary appointment. I'll spend time later this evening reading all of the information especially the fiduciary info. I had missed a phone call from the VA on Friday, so I was very concerned that all was lost.
    Thank you, Debbie, for this wonderful site. I know that I could not have done all of his paper work without the suggestions and hints from your site. I followed the suggestions of posters about the notebook, complete answers, no blanks, etc. I can't express how much I appreciate your efforts on behalf of our elderly veterans.
    Dad ended up in the hospital on Sunday and should be released to return to assisted living tomorrow. This benefit will greatly relieve his family and him.
    For those who are just starting to apply, keep at it. You can do this for your parent! Use Debbie's site frequently.
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    Congratulations, and Thank you!

    I'm glad the site and forums helped you through this process, and that your Dad will have these funds to ensure his care!

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