Success after waiting since Nov. 2010 for a correct answer!

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    HOORAY for persistance!!!!
    Let the party begin!!!! No, seriously. I started the process of trying to get the Aide & Assistance Death Benefit for my Mom in Nov, 2010. I had the help from a man here in my area helping get the paperwork just so for them & he assured me that Mom qualified! She was 88 at the time and Dad had been gone for about 5 years. She is living in a Senior Apt. complex that offers some Assistance but it isn't assisted living as yet.

    I was just denied after a little over a year because the VA had filed it under the wrong thing so I had to resubmit paperwork telling them so. I have talked to the VA people for 25 phone calls some that were on hold for the longest 1 1/2 hours! I was determined to speak to them!!! Fortunately I had to time to wait! I got tired of waiting for an answer, asked an inquiry be put in and nothing. Finally after about 3 months of phone calls every two weeks, the person on the other end told me to put in a Congregational Inquiry with our Senator. I did that about 3 weeks ago! Low and behold, a mountain was moved!!!

    I received my answer. Mom has been awarded $1,113 per month, will get her first check on Aug. 1, she will also get the rest of 2013 in January. I have had to fill out the fiduciary forms for us to set up an account & be interviewed. Her award is retroactive to Nov., 2010! That will be a chunk of change!!! I feel so blessed they finally finished it up! Like many others I feel like my Father is still taking care of Mom with this award. He put his time in during WW II before I was born. He loved to fly and was proud of his service to the military. In turn, my husband put in 28 years of service in the USAF and we are proud of it. Nothing like it!

    Thank you for having this forum. I have found valuable information by reading through the posts. Yes, I got discouraged seeing that seemed like most people got their awards quickly...that was very upsetting with having such a long drawn out process for me! But I hung in there. I feel fortunate to have been told about this benefit. Before I talked to the man involved in filling out the paperwork, I had never heard of it! Mom only had her SS check and her savings are quickly running out. She turned 92 in May and has vascular dementia. Again....thanks for having this forum. ;D ;)
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    Awesome! I am so happy for you and your mom! There is hope for us. And, a big thank you to Debbie from us all when we did not know how to proceed. My dad has been gone 29 years today. He would be smiling at this. Let's hope I get good news soon, too. :)
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    I'm glad you have found help and support here, and that you will be able to provide for your Mom.

    Thanks for coming back and sharing. It's all about paying it forward, and encouraging those who still are waiting knowing it's worth the fight!

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