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    (I posted this on May 4th, not sure if personal messages are answered or not, so will post this in gen discussion)

    Hi, I tried to send a message yesterday and it disappeared! I still have not heard anything and I know I am supposed to be patient. I spoke to Congressman Mica's office and they faxed the inquiry on the 24th and got a confirmation and reference number on the 25th. Whenever I call the 1-800 number I end up getting frustrated all over again. They give me the same info I can access on ebenefits. Cong Mica's office said to stop calling, just wait. We have been waiting!!! Since September!!! I call because I hold a little hope that maybe I can get some real info or at least some sort of glimpse at whats really going on. My dad has only seen VA doctors for as long as I can remember. When I called Wednesday, the rep said there was no record of an inquiry and it would have left a trace in the system. Mica's office say the rep may not have access....I know you said 10 days for a response. Who provides information about the response, the VA or Mica's office? Im just anxious. Im going to London next month for a month to study and want to assured that my dad is in good hands. I have coordinated his care since my mom died when I was 17 (Actually I handle all his affairs). Im sure you understand how precious he is to me. I know that everything happens according to the Divine plan, but as a Social Worker, I always think I can have some influence. This situation has me utterly powerless. In the meantime, I also applied for special adaptive housing grant. Thanks for allowing a forum to vent. They're still saying the decision phase is 70 (was 60 a few weeks ago) and that began April 2nd. Also, I was wondering how you figured that my dad is eligible for additional $800. When reading the rate table they had things like L1 M1 N1....What the heck does that mean???

    Take Care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Ebony in Florida
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    I responded to your message.

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