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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by lorigjohnston, May 30, 2015.

  1. lorigjohnston

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    What a CRAZY month it has been!
    May 1..moved Mom & Dad into Elm Tree Assisted Living (this was just a house with a CNA on duty at all times to cook, clean and give meds)
    May 11-16 Mom was in the hospital for Diverticulitis
    May 20-25 Dad was in the hospital (had two heart stents put in)
    May 24-26 Mom was back in the hospital with Bronchitis and CHF
    May 30 I moved them out of Elm Tree. They need more care than Elm Tree is allowed to give
    Now they are both in Rehab at Orchard Ridge. They will be there at least 60 days. Which they can then transition into Medicaid.

    I have filled out the A&A application. Just waiting for my Dad's VA Dr. to complete his part, then it is ready to mail in.
    I have a couple questions
    1. For the month of May, I still owe the ALF $2,000. I am hoping then when A&A gets approved I will get enough to pay that?
    2. When they get out of rehab, they will most likely transition into Medicaid (which I heard and read on here that reduces the benefit to $90. Is that per person or total?)
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    It has indeed been a very hectic time for you and your parents.

    Couple of issues here that you need to be aware of. 1) While they are in rehab, you have no expenses to claim. They weren't in Elm Tree even for a full month, so again expenses for care is an issue.

    Moving them onto Medicaid means the max that would be awarded is the $90.00. There is not going to be accrued benefits for you to recoup the $2k owed to the facility.

    Not the best news - sorry.
  3. lorigjohnston

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    Is it $90 per person or $90 total if they get on Medicaid?
  4. vetadmin

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    That is a good question, and one I am not sure of to be honest. Have never dealt with a situation where it was Vet with spouse applying for Medicaid.

    I'm sorry to not have this answer for you.

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