still fighting and mom has been gone almost 2 years

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    My mom was approved for A&A in 2008. The time period she would have been eligble for payment in Assisted Living was about 4 months. She lived in assited living when approved for A&A but suffered a cerebrial hemorrage and was placed in hospice and passed away before receiving any of the monies due her.

    We filed the necessary paperwork for the accrued benefits and out of pocket expenses due to her death, which was only the grave opening due to her funeral being prepaid. We received a check for the plot opening and was told that was all we were entitled to.

    We were told otherwise by several different people and I am now having our local Congressman's office look into it.
    The statement that was made is that the VA will try to get out of paying due monies any way they can.

    Not only that but throughout this process they would send letters in mom's name to the ALF which were forwarded to me saying that she was receiving checks. No checks were ever received. Finally in the fall of last year there was one forwarded to me notifying me that my mom had passed away and her checks would stop. Funny, they think they were paying her for over a year????? I know the file was closed because we got a letter stating that.

    I figured it was worth one last shot trying to get the monies that were due her.
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    I've sent you a personal email regarding this. Please contact the person I recommended.
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    thanks I will!!!! :)
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    I did contact the person you recommend and am waiting to see if the congressman's office can help us first since there is a cost to incur.

    I received a letter from the representative at the congressman's office stating that the VA sent a letter saying that even though we applied for a fiduciary to be appointed and mom was granted the pension PENDING ON INCOMPETENCY PROCESS, and my sister was never confirmed or interviewed for fiduciary we are not eligible for the benefits. My congressman is looking into whether he can find out if there is anyway for us to get the monies, but I'm doubtful at this point. The VA takes so long in their process to award benefits that sadly death must often occur before benefits are paid out even though the claimant is eligible.
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    Well hopefully you will get some answers on this soon, and you will know one way or the other if you have any options.

    Keep us posted.
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    I am very happy to report that we were awarded funds this past week for my mom's case. The Congressman's office was extemely important in making this happen. Although we weren't awarded the entire funds we did get a large amount of it, although I can't quite figure out how they came to the number they did. For anyone out there who is denied and believe they supplied everything needed and believe they have a valid claim, keep plugging away, you never know.
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    I'm glad to hear you finally prevailed on this and didn't give up! More times than not, that's what it takes.

    I hope this will help give you some closeure and a sense that your dad's service was recognized and honored.

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