Spoke with my local VA Representative regarding Mom's possible eligibility.

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    The only thing that I think will cause Mom to be denied Aid and Attendance is the land that her residence sits on. There are 30 acres (referred to as the "home place") that she holds in a life estate with her grandson. I talked to the local VA Rep. about this and at first she said that this would disqualify mom because of the value of the land, but she stated that she would call a VA Counselor to get clarification. The VA Rep. called me back today and said that the VA Counselor said that we should go ahead and file because the house would be exempt and the land may be considered part of the residence. My concern is that if we apply and it is determined that the land is a countable asset, she will be denied. Everything I've read says it is important to know that you are qualified before applying. I would appreciate any insight on this that you may have.
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    Just spoke to the attorney who is assisting me and he also says I should go ahead and apply. He says that since the "home place" is in a life estate, it is not sellable.

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