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    My mother is in a Personal Care FacilityWe applied for Aid in October 2015. My mother sold her home in January 2016. We notified the VA of the sale. She was awarded Aid in May 2016 based on the pre-sale assets. I just received a letter stating they need to know her Net Worth and monthly expenses. They included forms 21-4138 and 21P-8049. They said "When you complete Section III, be sure to show all monthly expenses for the period Enter date range as it will appear in the letter (January 1, 2016 through the present)".
    1. Are they looking for her expenses from January 1 to present?
    2. Form 21P-8049 is for Expenses but Section III looks like expenses for home ownership which she doesn't have since she is in a Personal Care Facility. Should I put that expense in Section IV?
    3. They say they need to know her Net Worth but where would I put her Assets or should I just do a narrative on form 21-4138.

    Thanks for any information you can give me. You have been a big help in the past in helping me get her Aid.
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    brunn2, see my answers in red.

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