Sliding Scale For Assisted Living Costs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lewis Knudsen, Oct 28, 2016.

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    Discussing my Wife & I potential "Assisted Living" with a VA reresentive I am a little confused with the 'Sliding Scale" that determines the benefit. 1st of all our (Wife & Myself) assests exceed the $80,000 limit. As it stands now, we will get no benefits from the VA. When our assests are the same as our expenses we will get the maximum benefits. Where can I get the formula for this "Sliding Scale" ?
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    Lewis, the sliding scale is kinda complicated. I prefer to use this example:

    The rule of thumb for the limit on total assets for a household when applying for A&A is $80,000. However, there are examples where you can exceed $80,000. If a woman (surviving spouse) moves into a nursing home and has $100,000 to begin with but is paying $10,000/month in care expenses for the nursing home then obviously she would be depleted of her assets very quickly. Therefore she should go ahead and apply for the benefit.

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