Should I use American veterans aid to apply?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flowerfloosey, Dec 17, 2014.

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    My mother is 93 and a half and will be finally moving into asst living. She has a simple case from what I have read. She is a vet of WWII was a army corp nurse during wartime. She lives only on SSC and only has around 36,000 left in funds. From everything I have read she easily qualifies and it should be a simple uncomplicated
    Case. I have been advised by the asst living director that they use a certain "non profit! To help their residents with Aand A. I also have been given other names from other people and have found American Verterans Aid
    Who helps people apply for this. I need advice of whether to go this alone or use one of these resources. Can anyone give me advice here? Thank you
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    You can go it alone by using our site and forums.

    If you decide to move forward with a company, I warn you that if they want you to move Mom's money in order for her to financially qualify, you need to walk away from their assistance.

    Do Not restructure her finances under any circumstances.
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    I went it alone, although I spoke to a variety of people prior to doing so. I did the following:

    1- Went into my local VA office and asked to speak to someone who provided me with all the required A&A forms and helped me understand what to fill out (and what not to) and what info to provide.
    2- Read forums like this one where I was able to learn even more
    3- Emailed/Called a few online resources (even ones who charged a fee) and asked a question or two that I needed help with (even though they ultimately wanted to charge me). I didn't need their full program and was able to get an helpful answer or two while "interviewing" them to see if we were a fit. That was all I needed to apply myself.

    It was an easier process than I thought, although had it not been for conversations with people who previously applied I would've made a few mistakes. Because I didn't and it was a cut/dry case - my Father was approved in 30 days.

    Good luck!
  4. vetadmin

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! That should start your and your Dad's New Year on a positive note!

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