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    Hello! I am new here. My dad died in 1976 and was a WW2 vet. He was discharged due to breaking his back in a plane crash. My mom is 82 and I am an only child. She said my dad received a small disability check when he was honorably discharged. She said after he died, she received a small check for me until I turned 18. She has never received any other checks since his death and had no relatives, etc. to advise her to reapply after his death to see if she would be due any benefits. She is on a very limited income and on Social Security only. What brought up this conversation was her friend's husband died last week and was in Hospice and she was there when the personnel at Hospice was asking her friend questions if he was in any wars, etc. and he was in the Korean Conflict so he ended up qualifying for some assistance. Now the person she has been dealing with at VA has told her she needs to apply after his death. She asked my mom about my dad and has my mom wondering.

    Sorry to make this question so long, but does anyone on this forum think I should help her pursue applying or is it a mute point? I researched it on the web last week and it seems there are many "unclaimed dollars" that are out there because widows don't apply and know that funds are available.

    Any advice is so much appreciated!!

    Thank you all,

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    I definitely think you should look into applying for the Aid and Attendance benefit for your mother if you think she needs the financial assistance to help pay for care. Keep in mind she does have to be paying for some sort of senior care (even if it's just home care and you are the one providing the home care and she is paying you a regular fee) in order to qualify. For complete instructions on how to apply, as well as all the forms you'll need to gather and print out, please go to our How to Apply page:

    If you have any further questions during the application process please come back to the forums and ask away!

    Note: you may also want to consider starting with an Intent to File form if you think you'll be sending in the complete application within the next year. This intent to file just gets your mother's name in the system with a note that she is applying for A&A benefit soon. This would also mark the date that her retroactive benefits would go back to. Sometimes it can make a big difference in the amount of money the retroactive benefit lump sum provides the applicant!
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    I am new here and just beginning to fill out the necessary for my 94 yr old mother to obtain her veterans benefits. Someone mentioned a form about intent to file a claim. Where do I get that form?
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    Hello @pwright74 , glad you're here! The Intent to File form can be found here:
    Let us know if you need any more assistance. Feel free to come back to the forums and search for advice and ask your questions.

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