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    Despite having the Disabled American Veteran's Association as an Advocate for my Service Connected Disability Claim, I am now past the one year mark. Recent delays (60-90 Days (cant say for sure) were due to the fact that the VA could not find my Military Discharge Physical. Yes, I know, I should have maintained a copy... but I just can not find it from my 1989 discharge!

    I am starting to get some ill feelings regarding my Claim. I have not worked in over two years now, yes Social Security Disability claim is now approaching the two year mark! My claim is for a back injury that I sustained when I fell down the engine ladder during a huricane in the North Atlantic. I was sent to Guantanomo Bay, Cuba medical center for xrays, testing and hospitalization. I recovered after a (3) week stay in the hospital and was sent back to active duty in the Mediteranean for 8 months.

    When you are 19,20 or 21 years old there is little that you complain about medically (at least in my case). I was raised by my parents to perform the job at task and give 110%. I did just that for the eight years that I was in the Navy, even following my back injury and later my broken hand injury. I fufilled both of my 4-year contracts and was given an honorable discharge without medical conditions. I do not even think that there was any mention of my injuries in my medical discharge papers, but I just don't remember.

    Years later my back injury (from the service) was aggrivated and found that I had to undergo surgery for something that should have been done at the onset of the injury. The same hold true for my right hand. So... I am trying to prove to the Compensation System here at Togus VA facility in Augusta, Maine - but, I am concerned that because I did NOT complain about the pain through my enlistment and immediately following my discharge, that I may be denied!

    Oh, in addition to the back and hand claim, I also filed a claim for hearing loss and tenitus. Working in the engine room certainly did not do my hearing any good, and I worked in a noise free enviroment following my stent in the service.

    I contacted my Congressional Rep. (Sen. Olympia Snowe) and she has been great when it comes to my Social Security Claim, but I have received NO action in regards to my VA Compensation Claim!

    One last thing... I served duty 2miles off of the coast of Beirut/Lebanon while we supported the Marines on shore with our gun fire support. BUT, I am not considered a "War-time" Veteran because Congress does NOT recognize this Peace Keeping Campaign "War-time". Does anyone know if there is any legislature to change this? It makes a BIG difference when it comes to being eligible for different VA services!!

    Disabled Vet in Maine

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