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  1. In form 21-527EZ Section II question #16A asks "Did you receive any type of separation/severance retired pay?" I am doing this form for my grandfather, a WWII Veteran, who was in the Navy until September of 1960. He receives monthly retirement pay from Defense Department. Is that what they are referring to in this question? In Section I, question #5 asks, "Have you ever filed a claim with VA?" He tried to get an eye procedure paid for many years ago, but is that they type of thing they are asking about here, or are they just referring to an application for ongoing aid like this A&A? Section IX asks for "Other Income Expected". Is their social security income supposed to go there, and, if so, is it net or gross? What is the Fully Developed Claim Certificate and do where do I find the claim number that they are asking for? On form 21-0845 question 3 asks for "Address of Beneficiary/Claimant". Whose address should that be? My Grandpa or me? (He is going to foster care so I will be getting his mail, but he will live somewhere else). Question #4 asks for a VA File Number; where do I get that? And,finally, does the DD214 need to be certified by a notary? Thank you for your help.
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    For the 16A question, that sounds correct to me.

    For the "have you ever filed a claim with the VA?" question, if you have any information on that eye procedure it would probably be best to include it. Just make sure you explain what the filing of a claim was for and what the results were on the Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 if you need more room for explanation.

    There should be a section specifically for SS income in Section VIII. And I believe that is gross, as it specifies in that section in the instructions.

    An FDC is basically saying that you are ready to submit this complete application with no additional paperwork or forms you might need to submit later on. It might shorten the length of time for processing, but you have to make sure you aren't going to want to make any changes later to the application. The claim number you leave blank, the VA will put in on there.

    Use the address where you want correspondence to go. If it's you, as long as you include the complete Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to Third Party form 21-0845 then you should be good to go.

    Yes, the DD214 needs to be certified by a notary.

    Make sure to mail everything return receipt and keep a copy of the entire application for yourself!
  3. Thank you for your help! As far as sections VIII and IX go, the social security for the month is there for section VIII and I see that, but there is a box for "service retirement" and I assumed that this was his monthly retirement pay, and I do see that they want gross amounts. For section IX though, are they asking for other income sources, or just a yearly calculation of the amounts in section VIII? I put his yearly retirement pay amount next to the box for "Gross Wages and Salary", but perhaps that is not correct because that amount is listed in section VIII? He only has his retirement pay and social security and then a miniscule amount of interest on his small savings. Should section IX be empty except for the interest amount then?
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    For section IX they are asking for any other source of income that you have not already listed. Just make sure you include each type of pay one time on the sheet so as not to confuse those who are processing the application. You're welcome!
  5. Thank you. One more question...Do I need to submit VA Form 21-4138 with my application? I have read that this form can be detrimental to a claim, and I am unsure about whether or not it is required for the Aid & Attendance application.
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    The Statement in Support of Claim is not detrimental at all, it is simply used as a supporting document to state any additional information you would like pertaining to the application. It is not a required form to send with the full application, it's completely up to you.

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