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    hello, I found the faqs section before I completed and filed my mother's application for a&a for a surviving spouse and was so grateful for the step by step assistance it gives in completing the form. But I didn't see this forum where I just read that it is critically important to mail it to only one of 3 offices in the country!

    I mailed the application and all the supporting documents to the Regional Office in NYC because it is the geographically closest regional VA office to our location. Also, I did mail it by certified mail and received the delivery confirmation postcard back signed and postmarked Sept.12,2012 but have not received any other notification that they have the received the application packet. -- some of the other posts on the forum indicate they are notified when an application is received and a claim number is assigned.
    Biggest question is: should I do something about having sent it to a regional office other than Philadelphia? If so, what do you recommend?
    thanks in advance for advice...
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    It will just mean that they will have to forward it on the PA regional office, which may add some time to the process.

    Don't expect to get anything for approximately 30 days, which will just be a form letter acknowledging receipt of the applicaiton.

    The addresses are also on the website, so sorry that you did not see them.

    Good luck with the process!
  3. ClaudiaW

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    Thanks so much for the reply. Glad to hear I won't need to re-send to Philadelphia; just hop someone in NY is on the ball.
  4. ClaudiaW

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    hi - just thought i would report that I got the letter acknowledging receipt of the application packet in Philadelphia. It is dated October 9 so just a couple of weeks since I mailed it to the NYC regional office. Yay! It is clearly a form letter but at least we've been assigned a file number. One step along the way to what will hopefully be a positive outcome for my mother.
  5. vetadmin

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    Hopefully you can take a breath. You have cleared the first hurdle!

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