Second Marriage. Need paperwork from First Marriage?

Discussion in 'How to Apply Questions' started by Amy B, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Amy B

    Amy B Newbie

    Hello all,

    I am completing the Aid and Assistance application for my Grandmother. My grandfather served in the Korean Conflict and is deceased. He was married and divorced a woman,, also deceased) before he married my Grandmother. I have his first marriage divorce certificate and my Grandparents marriage certificate, but do I need his first marriage certificate or will the divorce certificate suffice? Any information you can provide would be helpful!
  2. Matt375

    Matt375 Jr. Member

    Just the divorce certificate will be fine for the application.
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  3. Kaylin

    Kaylin Hero Member Staff Member

    As Matt375 said, the divorce certificate from the first marriage is fine. And you will need the marriage certificate of your grandmother and grandfather.
  4. Amy B

    Amy B Newbie

    Thank you very much for your help!
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  5. Kaylin

    Kaylin Hero Member Staff Member

    You're welcome!

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