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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Peace, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Peace

    Peace Newbie

    Fiduciary appointed 6-19-12, exactly 1 year from date of filling for A&A for 94 year old widow of veteran. Custodial account established with direct deposit 8-1-12. Still waiting for $6374 retro funds. Called today and told to be patient. Might take 180 days or more. Is it time to contact our senator?
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    I would indeed make that contact now.

    Keep us updated.
  3. JohnLM326

    JohnLM326 Newbie

    I had my fiduciary appointment May 10, 2012. Everything was approved - custodial account was set up and custodial bond. All approved. I have been waiting for the retro payments since that time. I have already contacted my senator.
  4. Belvedere

    Belvedere Newbie

    Does anyone find it astounding that, aside from the time to approve an initial claim which is in itself ridiculously long, that once approved regular monthly payments will begin within weeks? Say your mother is at maximum benefits at $1094 per month. Those regular monthly payment will continue unabated (hopefully) while the fiduciary process runs its course. If your mother is at maximum pension she would have regular monthly pension deposits into her account that will EXCEED the retro payments by the time the RETRO payments are released !!

    If the intent is to assure that the pension monies are being used properly, isn't it ludicrous that the total monies distributed without additional oversight of the fiduciary process (regular payments) will exceed the retro payments before the process runs its course? How is it possible that release of retro funds to a fiduciary account is any different. or could take any more time, than release of funds into a non-fiduciary checking account of the claimant? Who at the VA cannot understand that a person ruled incompetent is ALREADY having their financial affairs handled by a third party and that third party may NOT be the appointed fiduciary? So, those regular payments that are coming are flowing in unencumbered by any oversight for months, maybe years !! What is the logic to this, help someone., It escapes me.

    BTW my mother (97 next month) and I are in a similar position. She was approved on June 11, 2012 after waiting 11 months. No issues with her app. She is burdened with dementia so there was no issue when it comes to incompetency. We waived due process to speed the fiduciary process which imposes a 60 day wait period for claimant to object. Our Due Process statement was ignored. The fiduciary process has yet to move even one step toward completion. Still no scheduled interviews, still no intent to appoint fiduciary letter. At this writing we are at 120 days since the initial award letter. She has rcvd $4376 in diretc deposit monthly payments. Her retro is about $9000. It has proven hopeless for us to resolve to resolve as calling the Philly VA office at 877-294-6380 gives you along recorded lecture on Form 21-0845 followed by an abrupt disconnect. No possibility of reaching a CSR whatsoever. Try it, I'm serious. I've been trying for the last two weeks. Isn't there something about doing the same task over and over again and experiencing the same result indicative of insanity?
  5. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    You should contact Mom's Senator, and ask for them to make an inquiry.

    The hope is that if they can delay those accrued benefits long enough, they won't have to pay them.

    4 months is more than long enough for a Field Agent to have contacted her/you to schedule an appointment.

    The VA's entire phone system has been for the most part non-functional for almost 3 weeks now. Recordings and disconnects are the new normal.

    You are correct that those who have been acting in the capacity of POA or DPOA may not be approved for fiduciary appointment. If anyone has been convicted of a felony or filed bankruptcy, they would be disqualified.
  6. Peace

    Peace Newbie

    Well, contacting Senator's office did the trick. Received retro check today. The whole process took 1 year, 4 months and 10 days. And we were never questioned about anything we provided. Seems once we had someone's attention which was only thru help of Senator's office, things finally moved. Very sad that it has to be this way.
    Thanks for all your help. Your Forum is huge, huge help.
  7. Peace

    Peace Newbie

    One last question, please. Deposited retro check into Custodial Account. Will use this account to pay Assisted Living expenses and eventually in 3or 4 months after retro payment used will be keeping account as close to zero as possible. In the interim, can my husband write a check to "cash" for say $100 to pay RX copays, incontinence supplies, etc. that were appproved expenses when interviewed by Field Examainer if we keep good records and receipts? We find we are writing multiple checks for many small expenses.

    Thanks again.
  8. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    So happy for you to finally have gotten through the entire process, and that call to a Senator when appropriate is usually what makes it happen.

    Do not recommend writing a check for "cash" that could be a real issue on review. As much as it is a pain, write a check for everything and keep the receipts.
  9. Max

    Max Hero Member

    Come on Debbie... Why would an organization that solely exists to serve veterans purposely delay payments? Isn't it more likely that there's just too much work and not enough people?

    You're right about the 4 months though. It should be 45 days from the date of the rating of incompetency to the date the field examiner returns the fiduciary assignment to the pension center for the release of funds. I'm not sure sure about Milwaukee and Philly, but St. Paul is fairly up to date.

    Where is your claim being processed?
  10. newpenny

    newpenny Jr. Member

    Who do we complain to that we need more VA help to process claims?
  11. Max

    Max Hero Member

    Its a systemic issue. The VA has been under a hiring freeze for almost 2 years. Unless Congress let's them hire more people, the wait times are just going to go up further.
  12. suse

    suse Jr. Member

    Yes, it is partly due to the hiring freeze but it's also due to a certain amount of ineptness as well on some, not all, of those that are processing these claims. Every day I read of gross errors made, paper work lost, and a tremendous lack of follow through & follow up. Do I believe that the government is putting road blocks up...yes, I do believe that to be true. Why does it take a Congressmen to make something happen? It is ludicrous. I am with you, Debbie.

  13. newpenny

    newpenny Jr. Member

    There is ineptness ,everywhere, in every business! The VA has more wounded military from these past 2 wars getting out everyday of the service and this does require more paper work. The VA does need more people to do this work. The VA is overloaded. I have to say this because it really upsets me, If the GOV wants to send people to war, then they must pay for the cost of war and that includes paying for service men. You can not have one without the other. This really gets me, especially when you have people in congress who did not serve their country in war and they have no idea of the sacrifice, none and then they do not want to pay for the sacrifice! I have said enough.
  14. Max

    Max Hero Member

    Couldn't agree more!

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