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  1. Sbeeneu

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    I initially applied for the A & A Benefit for my mom at the beginning of April. I received a letter from VA 2 weeks ago stating they had received my claim. How long should I expect to wait for an Award Notification if there are no problems?
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  2. Kaylin

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    The wait time for application approval varies greatly depending on a lot of things: namely how complicated the actual application is. How many different aspects it has to it that the VA has to check, etc. I have heard of people being approved in as little as a month but sometimes it can take up to one year. My question is: is your mom 90 years old or older? If so, you can ask for expedition of the application due to her advanced age. Also if she is facing financial hardship (not able to pay for her care completely with her monthly income and running quickly out of assets) than you can also ask for expedition of her application.
  3. Matt375

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    If everything was completed properly, all the supporting documentation was include and the VA doesn't need anything extra. Typical response time, on average, 3-6 months. I will note that all of my pension claims go through Milwaukee so I can't speak for St. Paul.
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  4. TNCAT1

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    Thank you for this info. I was searching the forum for timeframe to hear from VA. I filed for A&A for my Dad (94 years old and my Mom 89) April 2019. I used my local VA office to do it for me after providing all the required info. I am hoping it will be approved within the 3-6 month time my parents are now spending more than they having coming in for in home help and due to their advanced age. Not sure how the VA reviews the info. Do they have to verify information, i.e. bank accounts, etc? I could see where that might take the longest time. Hopefully the VA guy I used also noted my parents age and financial need....
  5. imatoone

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    The VA has become the slowest organization in the world. My father applied and received his A&A within about 3 months a few years ago. Sadly, he passed away in November. We applied for survivor's benefits for my mother and are still waiting. Each time we call they say the same thing, it's with the final reviewer and a decision has been made, and then they give an extra 3 months for us to receive a letter. Now they say it's September. It's almost a year since we filed the LOI. I'm about to hire an attorney to light a fire under them. Shame on the VA. They sure knew how to hustle when they wanted a veteran to go to war...

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