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    I am a Mental Health Caseworker and have an adorable older veteran on my Caseload. He just informed me that the independent living facility where he resides is asking him to leave because he is unable to get along with others. After speaking with my husband we would like to let him stay in our home which is fairly large. He reminds me of a grandpa... I was told that i should apply for a program like Residential Care Aid or Aid and Attendance to help pay for his care while living with us. Can someone direct me? He is 78 years old and numerous health problems and has an upcoming surgery scheduled.
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    You would first want to ensure that his dates of service qualify him for the A&A Pension Benefit. You can find that on our website.

    If his dates do meet eligibility, and he requires the assistance of others for his daily living, he would have to pay you for acting as his caregiver to warrant making application for this pension.

    There is a financial means test for this pension, so this is speaking in broad terms. He would need to show a financial need for the pension in order to pay for his care.

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