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    My dad is a Korean War vet and I filed for A & A to assist with the costs of home care to keep my dad safely at home. He requires 8-9 hrs of care a day which is $1000/wk! He was awarded $500/mo. Thanks to Debbie and this fabulous website I was able to navigate the complicated VA system and get approved and now I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how to have the VA reconsider the amount of the award. We desperately want to keep my Dad at home !
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    Without knowing the complete financial picture here, it is hard to say conclusively, but it does sound as though the VA did not factor something in.

    To get the VA to reconsider infromation regarding the award, simply do a VA form 21-4138 - Statement in Support of Claim providing them with any additional information to reconsider the claim.

    Has the amount of monthly care expenses changed since you made the original applicaiton?

    Take a look here on the forums under Tips and Resources, and then look at determining Countable Income. Do that formula to help you know exactly where he stands at the end of the month financially. If he is at zero or negative, then yes, you need to get with the VA to get things straight.

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