Reporting death and VA Burial Allowances

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    Hello Debbie
    My father-in-law pass Oct. 19 and recieving the VA A&A Pension. Should I call the VA to report his death or do I just mail form VA 21-4138?
    Also, Is he eligible for VA Burial and Plot-interment Allowances? His death was non-service-related and he was not hospitalized by VA.
    Thank you, Jeanne Gallagher
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    So sorry to hear this, and please accept my condolences to you and your family.

    Yes, you can call them, and I would also send the 21-4138. Since he passed in the middle of the month, don't be surprised if the VA comes back and ask for the Oct 1st payment back. They do not pro-rate, and don't want you to be caught off-guard by the request.

    Go to to look up burial benefits, but I do believe he is entitled to $300 burial expense, and $300 plot allowance.

    Again, my sympathies at this difficult time.
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    Thank you Debbie...You have always been a great help.
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    Hi Debbie,
    Finally got ahold of the VA....found calling the first thing in the morning is the best thru on the first try. 1-877-294-6380

    I was told that the monthly pension check is for the previous the VA will not take back the Oct. 1st money. Also the veteran must live the entire month in order to keep the money. So, if the VA deposits a check this Nov. 1st (the October pension money), they will take it back out of the account since my father-in-law died on Oct. 19.

    The young man I spoke to was so nice...he said he will do the reporting of his death, apply for a presidential certificate for my father-in-law, and send ua the VA form 21-530 for Burial Benefits. A $735.00 plot allowance and $300.00 for burial and funeral. ...$1035.00 total.

    To be on the safe side, I did send VA 21-4138 to report the death.

    Thank again, Jeanne
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    Glad you got through and that you got someone so helpful.

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