Reported income too high on form - how do I let VA know of mistake?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Jul 7, 2015.

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    My dad passed away in January. He was on Aid and Attendance at the time of his death. So I submitted the 21-534EZ form in March for Mom and we received a favorable decision in May. However, I filled out the income section wrong, and counted her social security and pension also as gross wages and salary. Duh...

    Anyway, they have given her a very reduced award, obviously, since her income is reported twice what it really is. (This took me a month to even figure out! I knew something was up, but it is not clear. Now their numbers add up so I can go forward).

    What is the most expedient way to let them know I reported the income wrong and get her to where it is supposed to be?

    Thanks for your help! the first time I did it for Dad this place was a godsend...
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    Our condolences on the loss of your Dad.

    Use VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim to inform the VA of the miscalculation and what her corrected income should be. As well ask them to please recalculate and adjust her award amount to reflect the corrected data.

    I'm happy to know we were helpful with your Dad, and that he was able to benefit from this pension.
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    I have a question about this thread:

    I'm confused about Section IX, Expected Income. This thread seems to indicate that you do NOT enter Social Security there since you've already entered it into Section VIII Income Verification. Further, the categories in Section IX seem to bolster that conclusion since the headings are "Gross Wages & Salary," "Dividends," etc.....Social Security doesn't seem to fit in those categories.

    HOWEVER, in other threads (for example this one:,3223.0.html), it's advised that you DO, in fact, put Social Security as Expected Income in Section IX, in addition to entering it in the previous section as Income.

    Does anyone have any guidance? I don't want to make my Dad's income look higher than it is by double-entering SS (unless that's the right thing to do!)
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    You just want to make it clear that it is his only source of monthly income. If you would feel more comfortable including a note clarifying it in simple English.

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