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Discussion in 'Veteran Application' started by Bevy, Feb 11, 2017.

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    I'm in the midst of gathering documents for my Dad's application for A&A. I've seen mentioned in the threads that VA sometimes loses documents. I just paid $27 for a marriage certificate and on viewing, it is the same as the unofficial copy I had found late last year. Death certs also cost money. Will VA accept replacement copies of documents that they 'Lose"? Or will I have to put out more money to get the replacements certified as well? Thanks. I have learned so much here in the past few days.
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    Even though the VA form requires "certified copies," it appears that others on the forum have submitted "notarized" copies.

    Here's the difference: "Certified" copies (like your official marriage certificate) have a seal from the agency itself that retains the original record. On the other hand, a "notarized" document is signed/sealed by a notary stating "This is a true and accurate copy of the document presented to me." Example: I take my original DD 214 (and a Xerox copy) to a notary (like at my local bank), who looks at my original and signs/seals my Xerox copy that it is a true and accurate copy of the original.

    So even though there's a legal difference between certified and notarized copies, it appears from discussion on this forum that the VA accepts documents with a notary seal. Unless someone says something different on the forum, I would take your certified copy to the bank and have them notarize a photocopy. Keep your original and send in the photocopy.
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    This is what I have heard as well. I have heard of others using notarized copies.
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    Thank you jcott. That helps to know the difference. Will see notary tomorrow and ask about certifying copies of marriage cert that have 'VOID' embedded in the print out. Getting very close to assembling complete package. Dad's DD214 was lost but I do have a Certificate of Military Service from the National Archives and Records Administration that I believe will suffice.
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